Basic Course (3.5hrs)

(for residents, nurses, midwives, perinatal medical staffs etc.)



Physiology of Neonatal Resuscitation


Understanding NCPR Algorithm

Hans-On Skill Trainings


Initial Step of Resuscitation


Positive Pressure Ventilation / CPAP


Chest Compression


Drug Administration

Scenario Training


Routine Care / PPV / CPAP / Chest Compression


Advanced Course (5.0hrs.)

(for neonatologists, pediatricians, OB/GYN Doctors, etc.)

In addition to Basic Course contents,


In addition to Basic Course contents, Endotracheal Intubation Technique are included.

Other topics may be discussed in Advanced Courses


Neonatal Transportation


Brain Hypothermia


Ethical Issues              etc.


Prehospital Course (3.0hrs.)

(for Emergency Paramedics, Ambulance crews etc.)

Prehospital Course is specially designed to manage neonatal asphyxia out of the hospital.


Short Lecture


Skill Training

Scenario Training


Specially arranged for prehospital settings.


Skill Training Course (3.0hrs.)

(for all certificated NCPR healthcare Providers)

Short Lecture


Reminder of the NCPR knowledge

Skill Training


Hands-On Skill Training (with Check Sheets )

Scenario Training


V.E.C.T.O.R. debriefing approach



(for all certificated NCPR healthcare providers)
NCPR eLearning is created based on knowledge of adult learning theory and instructional systems design.

Instructor Course (5.0hrs.)

(for all Advanced certificated NCPR providers)
Condition to apply to Instructor Course.
NCPR Advanced Course Certification
Participated in NCPR Advanced Course as a assistant more than twice Recommendation Form from NCPR instructor

Condition to apply to Instructor Course.



NCPR Advanced Course Certification



Participated in NCPR Advanced Course as a assistant more than twice



Recommendation Form from NCPR instructor

Contents of Instructor Course.


Section 1)

Lecture-NCPR Instructor Competencies


Section 2)

Hands-On Session about skill training.


Section 3)

Hands-On Session about Scenario Training.

Instructor Courses are organized by NCPR Committee at NCPR training sites

Instructor Follow Up Course

(for all certificated NCPR instructors)
NCPR Instructor Follow Up Course is designed to support instructor’s continuous Learning and brush up the skills and knowledge. The topics of the course may vary.
Instructor Follow Up Courses are organized by NCPR Committee at NCPR training sites.